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Jallicart FAQ’s | The Best Online Retail Store Software - Jallicart
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1. What is Jallicart?

a) eCommerce Software
This is an application that provides the solution for you to build a single-vendor or multi-vendor online store to display your products and post deals. Mobile applications are also provided for you to allow your customers do online shopping on your store any time.
b) Auction Software
The jallicart auction script provides the platform to create an online auction site to conduct auctions with a robust admin panel to manage all activities.

2. How do I use the 15 days Trial Pack?

You can create a store with the domain name of your brand/store and add products to try out the application for 15 days. You can use the software to understand its working until it expires after 15 days.

3.How do I purchase the application after the free trial period?

After the 15 days of your free trial period, you can select a plan that suits your budget and purchase the application through the link provided in the admin panel of your trial pack.

4. What are the roles of the Admin?

The administrator is the one who controls the entire application. He has the ultimate power to manage the merchants and set values.
i) Admin adds the Merchant accounts
ii) Admin can add products and deals for each merchant store
iii) Admin sets the values for city, country and different categories
iv) Admin can post and manage blogs
v) Admin can validate coupons
vi) Admin can approve or reject the fund requests from the Merchants

5. Who is a Merchant?

Merchants are added by the admin to allow them to manage their specific store and sell their products online. The Merchant can add stores to display their deals and products.

6. What are the roles of the Merchant?

i) Merchant can add stores
ii) Merchant can add deals and products
iii) Merchant can validate coupons
iv) Merchant can place fund requests to claim money from the admin

7. What is a store/shop? Who can add a store?

A store displays the products and deals of the respective Merchants. Only a merchant can add a store in the site.

8. What are deals?

Deals are discounts and offers for a product for sale that is valid for a particular time period set by the Merchant.

9. How can I manage the deals on the site?

Deals allow Merchants to provide discounted services or products directly to customers. The time period of the offer validity for a product and the discount price can be set by the Merchant in the back end.

10. What are products?

Products are the items that you can sell online to promote your brand.

11. How can I manage the products on the site?

Products can be added by the Admin or Merchants under the specific stores. Products can be segregated under various categories for the customers to identify the desired product and purchase them easily. Admin can monitor and manage the whole inventory in the back end.

12. What is Facebook cart?

With Facebook integrated with the application, you can add products to the Facebook page created for your store. The users can browse the products and shop online from the Facebook page without visiting the website.

13. What is Shop Button?

The Shop button allows your customers to purchase a product from your store without even registering to the application.

14.What is an auction?

Auctions reduce the distribution cost of a product. Products can be sold to customers at lower prices than available in the market through online auctions.

15.How do my bidders participate in live auction?

Only registered users are allowed to participate in the online auction. Users must register with the application before the start of the auction.