Strategies and tactics for effective email marketing

Strategies and tactics for effective email marketing

Email marketing works well if a desired product backs it. Sending quite a few emails using eCommerce software is not the purpose of email marketing. It serves varied purposes. Even though it is one of the efficient marketing strategies, it requires strategies to be followed to make it work better for your business objectives.

Many adhere to email marketing for its effectiveness in driving direct traffic as it speaks to and engages with your targeted audience and prospects. Furthermore, it helps increasing AOV (average order value) and builds brand loyalty and brand asset, thereby growing your bottom line.

Strategy for successful email marketing:

  • Segment audience

Before starting an email campaign, do research on your targeted people and segment them by their requirements and interests. Consigning relevant messages to an irrelevant audience will never bring success to your campaigns. It will be of no use. Hit your targeted audience by analyzing and segmenting them based on their age, location, purchase history and frequency, and so on.

  • Set frame and create strong email

Composing email is an art that requires unique skills.  The subject line is the heart of the email that must be framed to the point. The landing page or site must be mobile responsive for better conversion rate. To get proper responsive for the receivers, let your call to action displayed at the top of the message and make it personalized.  

  • Adopt successful campaign strategies

It would be great if you could adopt a strategy that worked well before. Best campaigning strategy such as sending personalized and customized email enquiring their lack of interest and conveying they are missed.  “Getting Started” series will be more helpful for the new user to get them engaged with your site and service. To continue growing your email list, offering incentive at web page will prompt users to sign in that will be a good source to get contact details of interested customers.

  • Use series campaigns strategically

Make use of series campaigns as a part of your marketing strategy. Your website must be designed to send email responses based on the customers’ action on your website. Pick the best one for various series campaigns such as welcome series, abandoned cart series, follow-up series, and “we miss you” series for successful email marketing.

Performance evaluation and metrics

How do you know whether your handpicked email marketing strategies are working or not? Call-to-action (CTA) is the most efficient tool to get an instant response from your receivers, so never fail to send the emails with CTAs. To measure email campaigns, do watch out for a few metrics such as bounce rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, revenue per email sent, and growth rate. There are plenty of tools available for email analytics; make use of it and evaluate your campaigns and its results.


Email marketing can drive sales by offering massive ROIs (return on investment). Besides other marketing strategies, email marketing with the help of eCommerce software makes the strategy a more effective and result producing marketing tool.  

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