Recent trends for enhancing eCommerce


Besides eCommerce being the trending concept for doing business online, there arise a few more trends (as listed below) that make it more reliable and successful.

Multi-device Shopping

After the arrival of digital shopping, it has gone unpredictably that which device(s) people will be using to do online purchasing. Many would prefer to adopt a multi-device approach for online shopping. While desktops and laptops being central to online commerce, busy bees always opt for mobiles or tablets to do online purchases on the go. Therefore, it would be a smarter decision if eCommerce businesses adhere to multi-device approach to exist in the online market.

Common UI Patterns

The success of any online business depends on a highly responsive design pattern. The users will be comfortable when they found it user-friendly and easier to navigate. Common UI design patterns are the possible solutions for certain challenges such as making a navigation menu, which can be used easily on a smartphone. Besides all, better customer experience will work better for eCommerce sites, so make it a simple and common design.

Customized Product Demonstration

Customization becomes an unavoidable aspect in eCommerce. Likewise, the demo has an equally important part in it as the interactive product demonstration is another persuasive way to highlight your products/services and showcase how they work. If your product demonstrations are customized considering the market and users, you do not probably need any other promotional aspects for your online business.

Geo Targeting

Region-specific marketing would be the best adherable trend in eCommerce to attract your targeted customers. Geo-targeted advertising is to create and deliver online advertisements for users based on their location. Marketing ROI for online sellers will be improved via geographical targeting by taking advantage of location-based trends. Being location-specific, it is a fair marketing concept for eCommerce.

Product Videos

Pictorial illustration always works better as the means to inform your audience about your products and businesses. If it is a video, then the result will be much better as it lets you recite your entire story in a most presentable way. Do you own an eCommerce store or want to sell more online? Better create a product video, and for sure you can have a visible difference in getting more traffic, thereby business.

Multi-channel Marketing

People have started exploring various channels for their purchasing needs. Whether it may be an eCommerce site or social media or even a marketplace, making your availability everywhere will bring ultimate results to your business. Multi-channel retailing works beyond expectation and has evolved beyond promotion.

Social Media Advertising

Social media is changing the way the world revolves. It has its contribution in each and every business processes across the globe. Besides Facebook being the number one, the other social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and the like play vital role in getting things promoted. Among many, I would say the most benefited one would be the eCommerce that has got tremendous up-gradation in the business processes and promotional aspects. Relying on social media for reaching a wide range of targeted audience helps you to engage your customers and stay on track always.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is nothing but automating the marketing tasks and workflows for the betterment of operation efficiency. Utilizing multiple channels available online helps your revenue grow faster and streamline respective tasks such as lead generation, nurturing, and scoring; segmentation; customer retention and life cycle marketing; marketing ROI measurement; and cross- and up-sell.

Flash Promotions

Flash promotion is trending the eCommerce businesses where promotion or discount will be offered by online stores for a limited period of time. This kind of sale entices customers to make their buying decision immediately if they are really interested. While flash promotions are considered as a valuable strategy, certain companies have this as their business models.

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