Offers, coupons, discounts and deals: Strategies to grow business

Offers, coupons, discounts and deals: Strategies to grow business

The more you give, the more you get. Providing offers, coupons, coupon codes, discounts, etc. becomes trending in online business now. It has changed the way business done previously. These offers act as promotions and marketing tools to attract more customers toward your business, thereby getting more business. If these tools are handled in a strategic way, the return will be more effective. Using the best deals at the right time will benefit both business as well as the customers. Here are a few offers and freebies to be used effectively for promoting your business strategically:

Prelaunch offers

Even before launch, a business can be promoted by giving freebies or free services for sharing your information with friends, family, or business circle or on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, promotion emails, etc.

Weekly/monthly offers

Weekly special offers or monthly lightning deals can bring more business in.

Season offers

Sale (percentage discounts) at holiday seasons such as year-end sale/Christmas or New Year sale/end-of-season sale can give bigger revenue.

Abandon cart offers

Most of the time, cart with saved items left unnoticed. In such case, discounts will get back your visitors to complete their purchase.

Referral offers

Referrals are the best to reach the largest group of customers. So concentrate more on referral programs and encourage your existing customers to refer your site and business with free products/services, or discounts for each and every referral.

First Time Shopper Offers

The first impression is the best impression. Impress your customers with offers such as coupons or promo codes for their first purchase at your site.

Loyalty program

Honoring your existing customers is the best way to retain them. As a token of love, avail them with loyalty points for their every purchase with which they can get discount if they have minimum points in their account.
Selecting the best offers and discount plans that suit your business goals and objectives is another aspect to be considered. Effective discounts and deals help you meet your business target and build customer relationship, thereby increasing revenue.

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