Must-Have Features for E-commerce Software & Site

Must-Have Features for E-commerce Software & Site

Websites have their own way of showcasing themselves. Be it a kind of animation or product previews, every website has its unique style. Here are some of the must- haves a multi vendor shopping cart must- have in order to stay profitable.

Mobile friendly website:

To stay on the top, you gotta make your business portal as mobile friendly as you can. Its is a well- known fact that more people prefer to use to mobile mode of the website than the desktop version. Hence, having a mobile friendly website makes it convenient for customers.

Special offers:

Enabling special offers is an integral part of marketing a business. Having special offers in the header column of the website makes it more predominant and grabs the attention of users/ customers to take a look at what it’s all about.

Related items:

Yes another must- have feature is the related items column. Well, thinking in the customer point of view, they’d be more than interested to find items relevant to what they are looking for. This not only works good in a customer perspective but also works as nobly for the one using the shopping cart software also. Yes, an additional display is equal to additional sales channel.

Security features:

Security of a site should top the list when its comes to concern. As the site is used by both merchants and customers use the site, a secure atmosphere is a must to maintain. Firewall that bridges a wall between authorized and unauthorized traffic should be built and proceeded. Having privacy policy in the footer part of the system is also treated as a security feature.

High resolution photos and videos:

One drawback with the online store is that you do not get a chance to see the product like that of what you see it in a physical store. But, an ecommerce software with solution that is almost the same, many high resolution images of the product, in different angles can do wonders in the sale of that products. Videos of those products depict a clearer understanding on the same

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