Increase eCommerce Sales with Automated Quoting System

Increase eCommerce Sales with Automated Quoting System

As necessity is the mother of invention, eCommerce was born out of business necessities, and in turn, it brings forth a plethora of innovations in the eCommerce industry for the effective execution of several business purposes. One such innovation is a quoting system, which is trending in online businesses. B2B eCommerce platforms and multi-vendor marketplaces largely rely on this automated quoting system for enhanced sales. Meanwhile, buyers’ expectations are growing rapidly, creating a demand for seamless purchasing processes, streamlined processes to customize products, and productive systems to automate quotes for complex orders.

The quoting system will be the right choice for any eCommerce business in order to increase sales. If someone is asking for a quote, he/she must be interested in the particular product(s). So, the best way to convert the visitor into a customer is to enhance the closure rate on quotes. Integrating ERP and CRM software and the quoting system delivers an intuitive, responsive, and effective quoting process, thereby increasing sales as it:

  • can get higher closure rates as customers don’t have to wait for approvals;
  • saves sales people’s time on preparing quotes and allows them to concentrate more on sales;
  • can generate a customised professional quote for each customer;
  • forecasts automatic sales update based on the requested quotes;
  • enhances higher conversion rates and reduces sales cycles;
  • reduces customers’ waiting time for quotation; and
  • triggers analytical reports that reflect the status of the quotes.

In the sales funnel, a quoting system comes under the consultative sales category. The buying process of the B2B buyers differs from customer to customer and product to product. Their requirements vary, and they may prefer to have add-ons. Therefore, it takes time for the sellers to prepare quotes for all these separately. Adopting the best-in-class quoting system and integrating it with your ERP and CRM software will do all these time-consuming sales and other core business activities. Besides automation, it works based on costs, trends, and buyer behavior. The faster the quote, the greater the conversion rate will be.

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