Fuel your business growth with the integration of eCommerce and ERP

Fuel your business growth with the integration of eCommerce and ERP

Besides being overlooked, the integration of eCommerce sales channel(s) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) becomes an essential take over in businesses. It is considered as one of the strategies for a smooth operation of the business. Data collection becomes easier using this integration system and can be done automatically and communicate data such as order, customer details, tracking/shipping, and inventory with the existing ERP systems. Even though it costs much, it is worth spending as its impact on business operation and customer experience will be greater.

Business enhancement is possible only when you meet customer expectation and streamline business operations. With having a complete collection of data, you can have a clear picture of your business and know where you stand. ERP integration with eCommerce is highly beneficial for businesses to:

  • reduce manual work, time, and data redundancy;
  • decrease operation and inventory costs;
  • increase productivity and customer satisfaction;
  • generate analytical reports for effective decision making;
  • enhance operational efficiency even when connected to multiple sales channels;
  • eliminate errors on shipping, inventory, and product details; and
  • have access to the entire process of the business.

When your business at various e-commerce sales channels are integrated into your ERP system, it enriches all your business processes and allows you to function more competently. Meanwhile, the purpose of doing this integration is to ease all the time-consuming and manual data transferring. Synchronisation of customer records and inventory is possible only when you comprehend and integrate the internal system with your business at the marketplace.

Almost every business has its online presence now whether by having an own website or through a multi-vendor eCommerce store. Sales function has been enhanced with all the technological advancements and through the online marketplace that has brought a tremendous growth to the business. Once the business starts moving onward and upward, it requires a lot of money and time to stay on track of all the business activities and data, thereby giving an advanced customer experience.

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