How can charity auction software support your auction?

Charity auction software for your auction

Charity auction software has re-energized the traditional charity auction, a nonprofit fund raising auction. Technological interference in charity auction has made your nonprofit auction more manageable, and more convenient and fun for your supporters. With the help of auction software as it is structured to assist you through your event from start to finish, from tracking your acquired items and selling ticket packages to communicating with auction tools like mobile bidding apps and auction donors, your event will come out as a successful one. Here are a few ways charity auction software can support your auction:

Centralized Planning
Auction software was used to refer main event planning event, a required feature that a nonprofit auction need for the grant success of the program. In a single platform, robust auction software will help you to take care of all planning logistics.

Online Auction Catalogs
Prior to the event, auction catalogs spread out descriptions and images of all auction items for bidders to browse on the auction website. As images and descriptions are necessary things for advertising any program, online auction catalogs serve as the advertisement for your event, which will get notified and promoted among the supporters. Supporters view your auction catalog before they bid for any item in your list. It helps them understand the purpose of your event.

Online Ticketing
One of the useful capabilities that auction sites generated by auction software is online ticketing. Your supporters can get their e-tickets via your auction site simply by filling up the registration form. Certain auction software allows your nonprofit auction site to set multiple ticketing and sponsorship packages to let your supporters choose the best among the available options. This facility of auction site enforces your supporters to RSVP much more conveniently. Such convenience will bring better result at your event.

Online Auction Venues
All an auctioneer has to do is to use the option to open up the online bidding. Supporters will have to register by giving their personal information and payment methods to get bidding. Then, they can place bids from the listed items on your auction site.

Mobile Bidding
Mobile bidding enables your supporters to and places bids from their mobile devices during a silent auction. It would be more convenient for the bidders as an alternative to bid sheets, where they have to write manually their information and bids every time they want to bid on an item. Mobile bidding has varied features that make it worthy to be possessed.

Reporting & Analytics
The most important and difficult thing the auction is maintaining reports regarding all the activities happened, happen, and will happen. Charity auction software helps nonprofits to enable reports on any phase of their auctions, from item performance to overall event health. The robustness of the reports will differ from vendor to vendor; however, either way, auction software should give you the tools you need to track your performance.


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